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LAN connection problem (deja vu)

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should add, there's nothing wrong with your laptop or your wifi and it's just a driver problem.

of course it would be a lot easier to fix things if you could connect by wire to a router, it's just relying on the flaky wifi driver to fix the flaky wifi driver that's the problem. :mrgreen:


by the way just keep hitting r when you get that option (a,r,i) anything else just cancels the update process and it needs to start from scratch next time you try.


a lot of the time even when connected by wire on my pc i get that happen and if it doesn't work after 1 or 2 retries then it's usually a repo problem, once or twice i've had to change to a different repo mirror to get it to update, either that or forgo the updates until a later time when any issues are usually resolved.

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Figured I'd respond just so you don't think I'm ignoring you (yes, maybe I'm getting paranoid in my old age) :mrgreen:

I did try one last clean install of Leap. It told me it had to delete Windows. OK, go for it! But it took so long for the updates to run that I went forget it.


Thanks for all you've done for me. Who knows where I'll be living next year? If I have a cabled connection to a router some time again I'll definitely go back to Linux. But for now it's the if it ain't broke don't fix it path for me. Man, I went and took a mighty crap last time and when I got done zypper was still on 9 out of 1100+ things to update


:b33r::b33r::b33r::b33r::b33r: .

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I did try one last clean install of Leap. It told me it had to delete Windows. OK, go for it! But it took so long for the updates to run that I went forget it.

personally i don't see why you'd need to clean install or delete either leap or windows, like i said in an earlier post i'd simply dual boot, then you can use windows to your hearts content, and when you felt like it, try and get the updates done on the already installed leap42 os.


when/if you ever did finally manage to update the linux os you could then work on installing the driver and getting everything working again, we know it's possible because you've already done it once and had everything working great.


trying to think if there's an easy way where you can download the updates first or resume from where you left off on next try to make things worth persevering with, but not ever having had to do it myself am at a bit of a loss.


i guess you could use something like wget to copy and resume the download of the repo's into separate folders in your home directory first, then once you have the repo's on your hard drive doing the updates should be fast and easy, requiring a simple temporary change in the repo list so they point to each folder and not the internet url's. once updated reverting those repo changes and delete the folders.

but it's not something i've ever tried or tested myself and i'm not sure how long it would take you to finish the downloads in the first place, even though it would allow you to resume what you downloaded there would be so much more data needing downloading than you actually need in the first place, you might never complete it. :laughing:


there must be a better easier way of resuming the updates but can't think of it, maybe someone else has an answer.

i don't even know if trying to get the updates at the same time as you do an install will work out easier and better for you seeing how i never install that way.


personally i'd chat up your landlord or someone at work and see if they'll let you pop round and connect by wire to their network and get the updates completed that way or find an internet cafe where they will let you connect by wire there just to update. :P


not being much help here am i? :rofl3:





Plus my landlord only has cable, not the fiber optics good stuff.

cable is just fine, but you need to connect to their network by wire and not wifi then you'd have no problems getting the updates done, once the updates are done and the driver installed and working then you can connect by wifi to any network without any further issues.

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