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Phone malware but AV doesn't detect?


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Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I tried the backup and reset thing but didn't work. Basically the second I turn on my Wifi, 7 web pages try to load and several apps are automtically and quickly downloaded. Woot, Alarm Clock, SlideMe...couple others I think. *edit: It's not slideme, but kind of similar name like Sideload I think.


Now the apps are legit I believe but something is causing them to download and install. Then those apps will just pop up automatically. They bog my phone down. I cannot do anything to stop them. I shut down every android service that would let me disable and those apps, I remove the apps and the cycle starts all over again.

I tried 2 different Anti virus, Norton and Kaperskey and they found nothing wrong. I did the backup reset...happens all over again.


So I tried some trick my wife mentioned. I hold volume up, home key and power button at the same time. I boot to this screen upside down that says"Select boot mode: Recovery, Fast, Normal. Volume up to select, volume down to ok.....Well it's bricked. If I hit home key, I can select which option but nothing else works. The screen is stuck on, I cannot power it down...it's like it's bricked. I can move the arrow but that's it.


It's an unlocked phone, warranty expired of course so basically I have this paper weight. I'm currently waiting for battery to drain and will try to boot it up again.

I Ordered this phone from China, I think the Chinese did something to the Android OS to cause this. I say that because while it says Android 6.0, it's obviously Android 3 or 4.

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Not good enough to stop the problem apparently. Once the battery died, I was able to boot back to android as normal. One curious note when I tried to uninstall any of those apps, I get a message that says I must keep 1 very good app to have full function. Odd, so I removed them all and of course it forces their install again.

If I leave the apps, they just run themselves all the time, nothing worse than trying to do one thing and Woot pops up as if I launched it myself. This phone is impossible.


I read you can download Android images and put them on rooted phones ...is that something that's hard to do?

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Have you tried booting the phone in safemode and then running a scan with lookout or avast mobile security?


If you're phone is rooted you can easily install a new ROM (if one available) or just do a clean install of the original. XDA developers would be a good place to start.

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