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Here's my newest rig.

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My newest build running stock on 3D Mark 11.











MSI X99A Krait editon MB

Intel 5920K LGA 2011v3

1 MSI 970 GTX ME edition

EVGA 1300 Watt Super Nova PS

32 gb Geil DDR 4 PC 3000 Super Luce

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case

Windows 7 Pro

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Looks good man! Don't be such a stranger... ;)






Thanks. Yep I haven't been on for awhile. Glad to see your doing ok and still on here! Haven't been into computers for awhile and decided to build this one, and are making plans to build another. :) Waiting for this one to break in before overclocking it. The GEIL ram is underclocked right now. I think this system has a lot of potential, but wait till I put the next one together lol.

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