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Plasma 5.7


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What would be some good hardware to use this on and have a stable machine?

Seems I can only get openSUSE 13.2 running stable on my laptop and desktop. Leap is nothing but trouble for me.

I will be ditching this laptop when I move and then buy a new one. But desktop is still fairly new and not had much use yet. Might just build a new desktop when I have enough funding available.

Just curious since I'm always seeing people running such fancy looking stuff and it seems no matter what hardware I get, it can never handle running things without freezing or slowing to a crawl.

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This laptop is more than 10 years old, It's blazing fast with OpenSuSe, but drags with windows, it get's really hot too.


It has nothing to do with newer faster chips or tons of memory, It's about research.


For example: you see a dell latitude 6420 at a garage sale, Google search it using OpenSuSe to see what issues it has :D



If it's junk, you'd know by multiple wireless bla bla etc... issues, Simply move on to another model.



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Is that KInfoCenter you have there? Mine shows different info.


But my laptop is a Dell XPS M1330, about 8 years old.


I've got 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR2-800 (mobo clocks it to 667 I'm guessing because of limitation of the chipset) and a T9300 C2D at 2.5GHz. The mobo was replaced with one that has nvidia geforce 8600m graphics, I assembled it with Arctic Silver 5 and put copper shims on the northbridge and GPU chips since the foam pads they use are worthless and the heatsink didn't make full contact with the chips. Haven't yet seen the nvidia X server settings give any higher than about 61*C for gpu temp.


Haven't had any trouble with anything really, the wireless works after installing broadcom firmware. Webcam works just fine via VLC player.

Trouble was when I installed leap 42.1 and it kept going into hibernate mode even with those setting turned off. Trying to wake it from hibernate was only possible by rebooting.


Maybe it's just Chrome, or a setting in Chrome, but scrolling down web pages is slow and jerky.

Search results are tough to say, most cases it's the same machine but they are running Arch or Gentoo. I'm only looking to replace this one because battery only has 38% capacity remaining and the AC adapter is starting to die too. Already spent too much fixing this one and upgrading it. Time to just get a new one, especially if I'll need it for work.






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