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TumbleWeed Updates


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Made it to Version OpenSuSe 20160710


Releases are rolling in, Brand New STUFF every day :clap:


We can use this thread as a reference guide for daily rolling releases of software and apps.



Who should use openSUSE Leap instead of Tumbleweed?

While every effort is made to build them, at this point there is no guarantee to have all additional modules available in openSUSE Leap like for Vmware or Virtualbox. And while the Packman Tumbleweed Essential repository attempts to deliver them there is no guarantee they will always succeed due to the incompatibilities with the quickly advancing Linux Kernel. The problems with proprietary graphics drivers are similar and there is no guarantee they will work tomorrow, even if they do today. If you don't know how to compile your own additional kernel modules and you don't wish to learn or keep a very close eye on what is being updated, please don't use Tumbleweed.





Special Concerns

  • Third Party Drivers

Due to the fast pace of kernel upgrade on Tumbleweed, 3rd party kernel driver modules may not be fast enough to catch up with the latest kernel version. In the unlikely case that your kernel driver module does not work on Tumbleweed, please consider using openSUSE Leap instead.

Please remember to also re-compile and re-install these third party drivers with every kernel upgrade on Tumbleweed; this includes the proprietary graphics drivers.

NVIDIA proprietary driver generally works very well with Tumbleweed.





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no from my understanding leap is the stable release and will get a new release every 3 years i think, instead of the 6 months or yearly versions that used to be released. or in other words stays with the same kernel as their sle (business) version and only gets security updates.


tumbleweed is a rolling release so will get new kernels and packages that have been tested so should be pretty stable but be most up to date.



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The craziest thing happened, started a plasma update, after which plasma desk started to reset or crash, during the process of filing a report, maybe an hour, just as i was getting to hit the send button got an update, a single plasma lib file, fixed the crashing.


Either it is a forgotten file or they resolved the crashing that fast :lol:


Regardless i am so happy with this system, never been happier.


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