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Ransomware and means of mitigation

Tx Redneck

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"These attacks are tailored and unique every time they get installed on someone's system," Scaife said. "Antivirus is really good at stopping things it's seen before ... That's where our solution is better than traditional anti-viruses. If something that's benign starts to behave maliciously, then what we can do is take action against that based on what we see is happening to your data. So we can stop, for example, all of your pictures form being encrypted."


This article came up in my Google Now feed. I've read dozens upon dozens of articles pertaining to ransomware, but never have I come across ANYTHING pointing to PC Matic or PC Pitstop, why is that?


I've never heard of this site I linked to, it only came up because of my interest in malware and the like. I think PC Pitstop needs to do more and better SEO as well as getting into publications the fact that it's fully capable of stopping ransomware.


Just my $.02, spend it wisely...

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