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Exactly what are you trying to do?

As far as file managers go - Androzip is a good one (on playstore).


Also make sure the folder you are trying to share doesn't have a .nomedia file inside it. This will stop Android from scanning the directory.

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Android 5.1, Cannot stream Netflix or Google play movies, I think there's a built in fail safe that's detecting my root access!


Anyway i searched around and research reveals renaming a .so file.

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Now I get it.

You want to edit the system.prop file so your phone is recognised as something else.


What file manager are you using? ES File explorer will allow you to edit root files just install > open > go to settings > Root settings and tick the boxes. That should make all files visible and able to edit.


You will also need to uninstall netflix and gmovies before you edit the file, then re-install once complete.


Also make sure you do a 'Nandroid' back up and for safe measures back up or rename the original file so you can switch back easily if you need to!!


Might want to check this out:




Could be easier if it works...

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