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Old IBM x60


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Found it in the closet, stuck a 2.5 ssd in it ......



Sure you know what is installed onto it.



Enjoyed being here, Figured i stop by and be able to view the site like old times.



Tried on my linux based mobile devices, it just isn't the same.


This will take some getting use to again :)

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I feel the same Country :)



So that everyone knows what is..going on with the x60..... Tumble Weed SuSe on it, One Battery forgiving bugger.


Had it going for hours, takes a lot to cause some drain.

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The x60 with Core2 duo 1.66ghz and 2 gigs ram w- samusng 128gig ssd "Amazing' WITH SuSe.



Tried windows 7 and up to 10 on here, 10 performed better than it's predecessors, SuSe is blazing fast on this gem.



Had issues with the multimedia backend, took a few to figure it out and get Amarok going.


The look and feel, Loving this stuff a lot, fun and exciting.

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