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PC Pitstop Bandwidth Test Page

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Trying to test my download/upload speed. But there is no GUI to test my desktops internet connection. Instead, the page says that I am on a mobile device and should install a specialized app to test my mobile device. Anybody know what the problem could be? I recently reset my windows 10 desktop operating system. It's clean, no bugs, no hardware or software issues.....until this.


PS. I'm using Google Chrome. It does work using IE browser.

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The test runs in Flash, so make sure that it is enabled in Chrome.





Bandwidth Test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop_new/speed.asp


:) Y

It was already enabled. So I reinstalled Flash and set it to "Always allow to run" Then restarted Google. Still no go. It was working before I refreshed/reset my OS. Guess I'll keep looking. Thanks for the help Y kawika.

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Getting the same issue when running IE11 as admin; gets to bandwidth test and this:




You have to jump through hoops to get the test to run..no edge, IE in admin mode only.......got to make it click and play devs!

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Is there any news on when we're going to dump needing Flash Player to run the bandwidth test in Overdrive? Also, why are we "flagging" our own product, I just ran an Overdrive test on a clean install of Win 7 Ultimate on which I have enabled the PCMatic AdBlocker in Firefox and IE 11 and under the Security/BHO tab it says it's "debatable"?

I removed Flash Player from all PC's back when we first started touting dumping that program and this is the only place that says I have to have it installed... :facepalm:






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