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Facebook hacked

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I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about any longer, I've changed my password when it happened.

A few weeks ago I was going to log into my Facebook to upload some pictures for family to see. At the login screen it kept telling me that my password was wrong. Just now after about 2-3 weeks I found something on my phone showing a different phone number than my phone for the login number. I don't use a mobile number to log in or the pin key thing either.


At the time of the hack I was actually in DeKalb, IL and local area code there is 815 or 779 and I believe sometimes 847. Well the number showing was a 708 area code, which, is from Chicago. DeKalb (located in DeKalb county) is actually 2 counties west of Chicago (located in Cook county).


Traced the number as best I could and found this:



The last 708 area code number I used on my phone was 680-6075, so this is clearly not my number. Yes I have since changed the number on my phone as well.


I'm guessing that the hack happened due to using an open WiFi at NIU. As of now, I most likely won't be using my phone to do anything online again. Also won't be using any more open networks either!!


Be careful out there, it can happen anywhere.

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