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Firefox issues

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I havent run this in a while and I had no trouble with it on FF. I reloaded Npetune and restarted FF and the tests wont run at all. I have adblock disabled and the page loads, but when I click the test button, it just stands still. Its been more than a year. Has something changed with FF and PCpitstop?

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I cant run my scans


Mary are you using Internet Explorer or another web browser? If Firefox try using IE-tab referred to by IntelGuy above...

If you ARE using IE make sure it's the 32 bit version especially if using Windows 7 or above...






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hello again. Well, things were great for a long time, but now, with the upgrade to FF 53, the tests no longer run. IE tab isnt supported in FF 53. Whats next? Im using Win 10 and EDGE doesnt work either. Whats the current answer for this? Thanks.

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