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Laptop Battery Notification


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Laptop is a Dell XPS M1330 from about 2008. I don't doubt that the battery does need to be replaced. I'm actually planning to just buy a new laptop soon as I can save up a little bit.


I'm running openSUSE 13.2 KDE 64 bit


Just curious though... I keep getting a notification pop up that says the battery is damaged and it was saying it has only a 44% capacity remaining. Now telling me it's got a 41% capacity. It will charge to the point where it says 100% charged however and will last a good couple of hours before the whole thing just shuts off.


Is the notification incorrect? Might consider a replacement battery just to donate the laptop to a friend or family member or someone in desperate need once I get a new one. Seen some batteries for this model in the price range of $4 - $50. It does work just fine as long as plugged into the AC adapter.

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seems to work just fine on battery too from what you've said.


personally i'd not bother buying another battery especially from $4, you can bet that's in the same state as your one.


just ignore the popup, and use it as is until you get a new laptop.



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Think the one I seen for $4 was listed as refurbished. Yeah, guess I'll just leave it as is and get new laptop as soon as I can spare the money... hopefully a few weeks from now.

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Yep, think this battery is done. It charges up rather quickly (from dead to full in about 20 minutes), but then dies after about 20 - 30 minutes of use.


I was looking at this one for a replacement



Though there was another one I liked better with B&O audio for $70 more.


My girlfriend just bought this one after returning one she had from Rent-a-Center. Great deal since the one is owned for about the cost of 3 months worth on the RAC one.


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