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she's done

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just finished my upgrade yesterday,took better part of yesterday to get MS to install updates.im happy with the end results though.i will say using a fan hub was the best choice since i routed all the fan cables to it instead of the fan headers on the board,makes for a wire free clean look.












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Dude!! That's the cleanest looking rig (read cable/wire free) that I think I've ever seen!

Nice job bh! Give us a listing of all parts and total cost please...


How does she run??








thanks CB.


BOARD=$159 MSI z170

MEMORY=$62 Geil 16gigs

CASE=$79 phanteks enthoo pro m

MISC PARTS=$100 fans,cables,fan hub



from my old AMD rig i used the samsung 840 ssd,evga 1000w,WD black 1TB,corsair h80 and the XFX 280x. she runs fast as all heck,i was going to buy the 5820k but didnt like the motherboards(or lack of) at my price point. still getting her dialed in and installing software/games. the cabling took hours but i think its worth it. so much faster than the old 8350 rig...video card upgrade coming soon. i love the case but the one thing that irked me was the screws not fitting right,most of them barely matched up with the pre drilled holes.other than that im happy with it

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Looks good bro!!



thanks! i didnt like the way the rear cooler was blocking the board so i went with a front mount corsair H105 cooler instead,looks alot better now. the ring on the block came with 3 choices of color,blue,red and grey. i painted it white to match the color theme. been looking for white themed video cards but there are very few.i guess i can always paint that too. and yes i love the enermax fans,they move tons of air,are quiet,RPM switch on the fan and the white LED's are actually white and not a blueish tint like some other white LED fans..think im going to add a 3rd fan to the top





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Looks great brownhonet. That's the same case I have. They have good wire management but my case looks full because I'm using the Voltair V3 cooler.



thanks. the case is very good for the money..the V3 is a monster. like 2lbs or something like that

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