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This is a dream come true for me. It's as simple as apt and I can pick and choose older or newer versions of

applications, while running various versions of Ubuntu. I'm hope this will be adopted linux-wide soon.

I would not be using this for android or apple nor windows. Actually if there is something like this

for android I would use it today! No more this app won't run on your system only supports lollipop or better.

I'm talking about Adapt. :) It seems simpler than any other solution.

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another choice is flatpak, :- http://arstechnica.co.uk/information-technology/2016/06/flatpak-cross-platform-linux-app-packages/


i like the security benefits of snap and flatpak but must admit i can't see me using them until they are a distro's default app management system.


rpm's work just fine for me, even with the occasional dependency conflict. :mrgreen:



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Before I was excited about the possibility of everyone having what they wanted or needed on demand. ( As opposed to plotting and planning your kernel, distro, version).
Now I worry this could turn into an ugly race for the most stuff. Without actually delivering the right stuff. I hope I'm wrong, and both approaches deliver fantastic results to everyone. Still early days yet.
And if snaps or flats become the best choice I can live with that. Either/Or works too.




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