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Is this a problem?


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This log popped up on my PC sometime the last few days. Just checking if its harmless..


I hope it came from an update but not sure. Its way to long to post the whole thing. here is a few lines. i saved the log in case i need to post the whole thing.


2010-03-21 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
* gtkextra-2.0.spec.in : new source location
2010-03-21 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
* gtkextra-2.0.spec.in : update using fedora version as model
* configure.in : set backward compatibility
2010-03-13 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
* gtkextra/Makefile.win32 : Borut Razem version
* gtkextra/gtkitementry.c : fix core dump
* gtkextra/gtkplotbox.c : remove GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED test
* autoegen.sh : select gtk-doc so "make dist" will work
2010-03-13 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
* configure.in : link with math lib, bump release number
* gtkextra/gtksheet.c :
fix issue deleting row
allow creation 0 rows and columns (bug 1582628)
* gtkextra/gtkitementry.c : fixes crash with gtk2-2.18 (bug 2917962)
* docs/reference/gtkextra-sheet.html : fix doc error (bug 2831257)
2010-03-12 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
* gtkextra/gtkitementry.c gtkextra/gtkitementry.h
- Allow to compile with gtk2-2.17
2006-05-15 Jacek Sieka jsieka at memphite.se , from Memphite AB
* Fixed memory leak in gtk_plot_canvas_destroy
* Fixed font names for Windows in gtkpsfont.c
2005-09-19 Stefan Kost <ensonic@users.sf.net>
* gtkextra/gtksheet.c: (gtk_sheet_range_get_type),
example inline docs
2005-09-19 Stefan Kost <ensonic@users.sf.net>
* .cvsignore:
* autogen.sh:
* configure.in:
* docs/Makefile.am:
* docs/reference/Makefile.am:
* docs/reference/gtkextra-docs.sgml:
* docs/reference/gtkextra-sections.txt:
* docs/reference/gtkextra.types:
* gtkextra/gtkextrafeatures.h:
* gtkextra/gtkextratypebuiltins.h:
added gtk-doc api doc generation
2005-5-17 Adrian Feiguin
* Port to gtk+-2
* So many changes, it's hard to keep track of:
- GtkArgs
- widgetization of canvas items
- dozens of fixes and improvements
2002-5-21 Patches by Michael S. Noble (mnoble@space.mit.edu)
* gtkplotcanvas.c:
Support the creation of polygon children, via
These mirror similar functions for rectangles and ellipses, and
so require points in canvas-space (not pixel- or data-space),
only more of them. The draw child code will automatically
scale/move/etc the polygons when required.
* The following functions were also added to gtkplotcanvas.c
to permit language bindings to query the "current/active item" on
the canvas, without referencing canvas/child struct internals.
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