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After seeing your Facebook post about Ransomware I had a question for Dodi Glenn who was mentioned in the post as being the vice president of cyber security at PC Pitstop. I have looked high and low for anything by her and this Ransomware threat but have come up empty. In the article linked to your Facebook post you mention that later revisions of this Ransomware also deletes Shadow Copies used to restore files. http://www.csoonline.com/article/3044015/security/a-history-of-ransomware.html


Will these latest revisions to this malware also delete my System Images? If not then I am safe as I backup all Data and create a System Image daily. If System Images on a separate drive are also affected and/or deleted is it time to start saving my System Images on a removable SSD using the Docking Station in my PC case? I appreciate any information you can give me on this. I have never encountered any such threat but I don't want to sit here with a false sense of security either if the steps I have taken to protect my OS and Data are not sufficient. Thanks.

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Place your back ups to a removable hard drive! Don’t store your backups on an internal hard drive or network share you have write access to. The ransomware could encrypt the files on your connected backup drive or on your network share if you have full write access.

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OK, thank you for the reply. I save my System Images to a Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB drive and a redundant copy to a 3.5" 1 TB HDD as a failsafe. It would be easy enough for me to remove the 840 EVO from my case and then slip it into the docking station each day. After that I can eject it and store it in a safe place for later.

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I got hit with a ransomware virus which encrypted my MS Word, Excell, pdf and jpg, png files.

Fortunately I was able to work around it and had backups.

I bought PCMatic with Supershield to try to get rid of it and prevent future attacks.

PCMatic worked to some extent - but did not remove all the virus files.

With the help of my computer guru, the ransomware is no longer encrypting current files -

BUT at least one copy of the virus file remains, and my task bar shows 39 processes active - which slows everything down dramatically.

What to do?


For those who may want to know - or return the favor to the slimy trolls - their instructions say to go to their website:







I wish ANONYMOUS would target them for takedown!

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