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Black Ops 3 Gameplay - 980 SLI / i7 5960X

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don't think the mods will like it if you post every one of your youtube videos in individuals topics, so if i was you i'd just put a link to your youtube channel in your signature, then every time you make a post in any topic (either helping people, asking for help or just in a general discussions here) people will get a chance to see it and click on it if they want.



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Now it's locked. ;)


edit: I locked it because I didn't like the response to terry1966's comment, but I feel I was wrong in doing so. Now It's unlocked and unhidden. ;)







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Pretty quick reflexes shown in that video. :tup:


Is the game set up so that you cannot be killed by friendly fire, or are you able to make those determinations that quickly?

I know it's a n00b question, but I get the feeling that if it was me in there, I'd be shooting anything that moved. lol :lol:


:) Y

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No, I don't play, but I do have a lot of respect for the quick reflexes that you all need to get through some of those levels.


Last game I was playing is "The Evil Within", but even that's been awhile since I've had the time to revisit it.


I've dabbled in a few others, but time is tough for me to allocate to game play these days.


What other games do you play and enjoy? That's a great rig that you're able to enjoy, btw.


:) Y

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