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Is there any way to turn pcmatic off?

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Not advisable, but you CAN right click the Supershield icon in the System Tray go to Protection Level and select to turn Supershield off until reboot.

PREFERABLY, you would right click the Supershield icon go to Protection Level and Block Notification Method and select Prompt for override, then when you start your program Supershield will give a pop-up asking if you want to allow the program to run, select Allow or Always Allow if you trust it. For programs not trusted select Block or Always Block of course.






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Does PCmatic prevent windows update from updating MS Essentials? I seem to be having trouble getting security updates from MS for Essentials. MS says that to maually install all the updates all other virus and security programs must be removed.

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Ahhhh, you are running multiple real-time protection AV agents at the same time.


Hi senator63,


Running 2 or more "real-time" anti-virus products together creates an unstable environment and actually weakens security.
Your scan results indicate that you are running Ad-Aware Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials and PC Matic's Super Shield at the same time.
This causes sluggish behavior, conflicts, false-positives, freezing and unpredictable errors.
You'll need to choose 1 and uninstall the others
Please go to: Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a Program and uninstall those that you do not wish to use.
Reboot the computer.
:) Y
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Hey @Moe and :wp:

We don't currently employ a popup blocker, we have an ad blocking extension though, is that what you're asking about? Your best bet for an expedient answer would be to open a ticket with our help desk so we can get some more info from you. You can open a ticket here. https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx :)


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