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O/C Competitions

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With today's technology and the ease of Overclocking today's motherboards and cpu's is there any point? Basically "trolling" for ideas to help attract folks to The Pit...

What competitions would YOU run? 3DMark stuff? Cinebench?


Y'all shoot me some ideas...






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I was thinking that it might be fun to restrict the hardware to be used to some of the older stuff that we have lying around and then see how we can get some new numbers out of them.


You know, not the fastest OC, but see where we can push the old stuff. Judge it on % of the OC.


Of course Dells, most HP's and e-machines can't be over-clocked, at least not without a heck of a lot of work for the minimum push that can be eeeked out of them, so those are out.


:) Y

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It was all good back when we all built our own PC's...therein came the "sport" of O/C'ing...nowadays all I have to do is go into BIOS and set it where I want it to be and BINGO, it's basically done.

Y, the oldest PC parts I have is an Asus Maximus IV Extreme mobo with an i7-2700k and sixteen Gb of RAM all on water and it's running an Nvidia GTX Titan vid. card... I DO have some older GTX 4x0's but I wouldn't swap one for the Titan. The Titan is water cooled and Folding nicely...

These AMD AM3+ mobo's I have running FXeightythreefiftys (bad keyboard, bad keyboard) now I'd be glad to run them, although O/C'ing one iis about like brownhornet and I have already said, takes no expertise...


Still open to suggestions...






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