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Win 8.1 will not connect to win 10 laptop

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My desk top is win 8.1 and the laptop is win 10.I finally got the laptop to see the files on the desktop that I wanted.But the desktop can not access the laptop.I said share on the laptop and share on the desktop.I used the password from desktop and used it so I am on the same group in the laptop. In network and sharing center/media streaming options, I see the laptop. When I try to click on the network, I see the laptop but the desk top will not access.It says --box pops up-and says win cannot access \\laptop,check spelling of the name.

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I wonder if you have a homegroup set up? I do not use the homegroup option, however that should allow the 7s, 8s and 10s to all communicate equally and is easy to create. You do need to have shared folders available for the network folder to work proper, I think. What I have is a workgroup, and all machines are members in there. Password sharing is set, and the firewalls look after themselves. Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 all share files happily with each other.


Access refusal is quite often after a sleep or snooze somewhere, and a reboot usually fixes it on the lost machine .. Maybe even just log off and on will too or resetting the adapter.

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