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First build for myself


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After building a computer for my Mom and then my sister-in-law I realized that building one for myself with a little higher end specs couldn't be any harder so I took the plunge




Only stumbled a little (one faulty ram stick) and I'm pretty pleased for a mid-range (cost wise) system

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:clap: :clap: :clap:


That's a nice setup! How do you like that 850 EVO?







I love the SSD. I had put a smaller one in my sister-in-law's computer along with a disk drive and was quite pleased with the speed (especially at boot up). Choosing a single, larger, one for my build seemed a natural progression (although a few bucks more)


I remember when they first started showing up and the speeds they boasted. But... they were quite expensive and there's always the concern about a new product becoming a passing novelty because of performance over-time and reliability. That possible downside never happened with SSDs. It seems that the praise keeps growing, the cost keeps dropping, and the capacity keeps increasing (what a great combination)

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Y kawika, on 26 Feb 2016 - 05:41 AM, said:Y kawika, on 26 Feb 2016 - 05:41 AM, said:


Enjoy that new rig it looks really good.

What case did you pop it all into?

Got any pics?


:) Y


I used a Corsair 300R case. I have an acceptance criteria (as usual - learned through bad choices) when it comes to a case - regardless of weather I'm building or buying:

1) has to be mid tower (it HAS to fit where you plan to put it)

2) cannot have a door on the front that swings open to get to the power button or CD drive. I know they're sleek looking but a nuisance (IMO)

3) Must have the power button and USB plugs on the top front. My wife's computer power button was more than half-way down on the front behind a door

4) must be designed to accommodate larger graphics card if needed and designed to easily address the wiring clean up once built


This is the one I chose:




Regarding pics - I took lots when I built my Mom's and sister-in-law's. Never even thought about it this time.


I guess it falls into this same scenario:

1st child - bunches of pictures

2nd child - lots of pictures

3rd child - what camera? :)

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Great choices all around, geewiz.


I have the same criteria when it comes to cases myself. Did you run the Samsung Magician software on that SSD?

I found a real nice boost in speed by enabling Rapid Mode on this rig.


Congrats on the build! :tup:


:) Y

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I did NOT install the magician software - I didn't know if it was necessary. I was afraid it would just want to install 'come on' types of programs to get me to buy unneeded products (this seems to happen more often than it should).


I'll rethink that now - Thanks!

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