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I hope there isn't an app for this!!


If you don't have my email; it's because I don't want you to have it!; my friends have it and I would hate to think that someone who I do or don't know could not only get my email address but link it to me.

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I'm kinda checking to see if there is one. A friend who is a fan of a celebrity that I like had boasted that she found his e-mail address on an app on her smartphone. At first I thought she did a google search but she finally confessed she didn't use the search engines but doesn't tell me what the app was.


She seems to know people who know that celebrity so really, I think they the people who know the celebrity gave it to her. As private as the celebrity is, I am surprised that he has his e-mail on an app and would think once the friend found it, he has either had it deleted or changed it to a fake one.


I also think maybe the e-mail she found is really used by a staffer and she thinks it's the celebrity and maybe the staffer checks with the celebrity. I asked her what made her decide to search this e-mail and she said she just decided and honestly, I never would have thought to search for it when she hadn't said anything.


I've asked her about the e-mails, she tells me they are funny but doesn't get into specifics but I don't really want to get nosy but then.....

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