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Welcome Back Devan!


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It's good to be folding again all.....was finally able to put me an I7 rig together last month (my first I7). Still the greatest folding team out there imo no matter how few or many but miss seeing the "old timers" who haven't been around.....hope all know we miss them.... :) .


Flashback: April 2003.....the beginning. I see dickster coming on strong in 7th place....back in the day of 33 pt. wu's....good times and memories for sure.




PitCrew @ PCPitstop
Date of last work unit 2003-04-19 11:00:29
Active processors within a week 23
Team ID # 32035
Grand Score 2129.84003448486
Work Unit Count 74
Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 1393
Home Page http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com

Team members
(within team) User Score WU
1 Stasi 450.92 17
2 devan 328.57 12
3 HammerSlammer 182.89 5
4 radio 165.67 5
5 deejay(PitStop) 155.6 5
6 oftentired 139.88 5
7 dickster 97.19 3
8 Fusion 96.78 4
9 Rawdata 73 1
10 AKokes 69.9 3
11 Wsrider 55.5 1
12 Howard_Rock 52.7 2
13 KansasConnection 48.39 2
14 Jamma 39.77 2
15 MrFred 38.99 2
16 Drewstein 35.09 2
17 Dr^nO 33 1
18 Henry8866 33 1
19 Pupdog5301 33 1

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sorry to say you won't see me back folding unless my situation changes dramatically.


yes remember when i built my i7 rig and they brought out those big wu's, devan, and ppd increased massively for a wu, got more points in 2 months folding than i'd racked up in 5 years folding 24/7, now those gpu's are the points king, 1 million plus ppd unthinkable back in those days, think it took me 3 years folding to get even 200,000 points (and i never started folding till 2005.). :laughing:



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Welcome back, Devan. Great to see you folding for the team again.


Look at those names from the past. How many do we even see around the forums these days. Those were the very early days of this team, and brings back memories. :b33r:


And I've only moved up 3 places.



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