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Not a Reputable Company


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I downloaded the PC Matic as a trial at first.

I then decided to buy the membership, and that's when everything started going wrong.

I kept inputting the license key to no avail. The program kept wanting me to pay again.

I contacted customer service and they were dumb-founded that my inputs did not work.

They even were accusing me that I was too stupid to input the correct key.

I finally asked for a refund which I had to fight to get and threaten to sue.

I do not recommend PC Matic especially since they will charge you $50 for one computer

and charge a household of 5 the same amount.

I consider this company very, very Un-American.



Cesar Morning Dog

Lipan Apache Tibe of Texas

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We apologize for any problems you may have experienced with the use of our products.


However, I am unable to find your recent order using your name or email address. The only order that I can find is a failed order from July 2014, I don't see anything after that.


Please post your help desk ticket number so we can investigate who it was that replied to the ticket. License keys are registered automatically at the time of purchase and cannot be manually registered. Every one in support knows that and that the proper response is that you just need to login to the PC Matic program using the same email address and password as was used for the purchase. I find it very hard to believe that anyone in support would state that you are too stupid to input the correct license key as every one in support knows that you do not need to and cannot input a license key purchased from us.


Also the story about having to fight to get a refund is confusing. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. I need to know what employee it was that was refusing to honor your refund request.


Thank you for your assistance.

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