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PcPitstop svc is showing as a user at login

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just today i noticed instead of just my account on the login screen when starting my laptop, there is now another one named PcPitstop svc.

ive tried deleteing the acount,but its not there. ive uninstalled pcmatic and everything I could find associated with it, but its still there. I don't want it there. it wasn't there before and I Like only having my name on login since I'm the only user.


how do I get rid of it. ive tried all the windows 10 methods, but none work because the user file for Pcpitstopsvc doesn't go away, it keeps appearing after its tossed in the bin.

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You can try this:


Press the Windows Key + R then type: services.msc
Click OK
Scroll down to PC Pitstop Scheduling and double click it.
If Service is running, then stop it
Up at the top of the window, click the Log On tab
Change log in to Local System Account
Click Apply
Double click the PC Pitstop Scheduling service again
Start the Service
Apply & Ok
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This (user called "PcPitstopSVC"at login screen) happened to me once on Dec 31. I figured it was just a "user" account set up by an installer that apparently installed a PC Pitstop app in Google Chrome that showed up about the same time. The next time I started the PC, the new account was not there. The user folder is still there, and it still shows up under Computer Management/.../Users. The Chrome app hasn't caused any problems (yet), so I've just left it. However, I'd like to know its function and how best to use it, since I don't recall requesting it or get any documentation when it was installed. I can see how someone unfamiliar with PC Pitstop's track record (which I consider to be sterling) might find it a bit disconcerting to witness such stealth installs.

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Hi Earl-in-WA. :wp:


The Chrome app is actually an ad blocker. The decision was made to install it without user interaction as a defense against all of the adware that is installing as browser extensions. The ad blocker was developed as a defense against bogus searches for PC Matic support and against the bogus pop up ads claiming to provide support but which are, in fact, scams.


You can click on the green shield icon in the upper right, then click on the different items there to access the settings, add a web site to the whitelist, etc.


It is easily disabled or removed through the Chrome extensions page if you would rather it wasn't on your computer.

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