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On December 21, 2015 Tek PC Solutions helped me to connect my computer to my printer. They said that I should remove PC Matic from my computer because it is NOT a good program for security for my computer. I refused. Their technician said I had hundreds of “cyber space garbage” items on my computer that came in because my daughter’s computer is connected to the same Internet service and uses the same router. They suggested that I use a “cloud-based” system for about $80 per month. I said I was not interested at this time. Why do you think he bad mouthed PC Matic?

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Because he was trying to sell you his product?


That and the fact that if hew "saw" these things on your PC that would mean that you must have given him access to the PC and likely he brought some more crap with him. ;)

PCMatic is a valid good program, I run it on 6 PC's all told...






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