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I received this block from my Facebook today....


Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned
1U2ftI0b2hV.png It looks like your computer is being affected by malware. We’ll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and prevent malware from spreading to friends. Malware is software that tries to steal personal information and causes problems when you use Facebook. Clicking or sharing links that contain spam can give your computer malware.

When I first got it I ran a scan using PCMatic two times. When I attempted to log back on to Facebook I received this error. Facebook requires I allow TrendMicro to go in and clean my computer, which I do not feel I need to do. I had TrendMicro for approximately 7-10 years before switching to PCMatic. Has anyone else ever experienced something like this from Facebook and is there any way around it. A bigger question is what can TrendMicro clean that PCMatic has missed, and how does Facebook even know? Facebook will NOT allow me to sign in until I approve the clean.

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Thanks Guns for the reply. In your opinion, should I click on the attached link from Facebook admin that initiates the clean?


When you say...

"try running Super Anti Spyware it find things PCMatic never does"



Can you give me more information?


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This is a legit prompt from FB, as they have teamed with Trend Micro for this project.




Chances are that FB doesn't like a tracking cookie that may be on your browser and has decided that this is enough to evoke their actions.


Depending on which browser you are using, just flush and if needed reset it and the prompt should leave you alone.




:) Y

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit


Please download Emsisoft Emergency Kit and save it to your desktop.

Double click on the EmsisoftEmergencyKit file you downloaded to extract its contents and create a shortcut on the desktop.

  • Leave all settings as they are and click the Extract button at the bottom.
  • A folder named EEK will be created in the root of the drive (usually c:\).
  • After extraction please double-click on the new Start Emsisoft Emergency Kit icon on your desktop.
  • The first time you launch it, Emsisoft Emergency Kit will recommend that you allow it to download updates.
  • Please click Yes so that it downloads the latest database updates.
  • When the update process is complete, a new button will appear in the lower-left corner that says Back. Click on this button to return to the Overview screen.
  • Click on Scan to be taken to the scan options.
  • If you are asked if you want the scanner to scan for Potentially Unwanted Programs, then click Yes.
  • Click on the Malware Scan button to start the scan.
  • When the scan is completed click the the View report button in the lower-right corner, and the scan log will be opened in Notepad.
  • Please save the log in Notepad on your desktop, and copy it to your next reply.
  • When you close Emsisoft Emergency Kit, it will give you an option to sign up for a newsletter. This is optional, and is not necessary for the malware removal process.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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For some reason i can't seem to find the EEK folder, :(


Can you please open a new thread stating what your issue is.

These replies are specific to the OPs problem.


I am locking this thread.



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12 hours ago, Chan14551 said:

Facebook Filter is Not Working :(


Can you please start a new thread outlining what your issue is. The answers in this thread are specific to the OP and may not work for you (Especially as the thread is over 18 months old!)

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