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New video card, SSD


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Had this system now for 3-4 years.


Just changed my video card and added a second SSD and took out the regular hard drive.

I could play with my video more I guess. I use a 4K TV as my monitor. It can get really small.


It looks like it does not like my memory, Not sure why. Maybe because it's older?


I have read up and down and can't seem to see any real benefit to raiding 2 SSD's on a raid 0.


Anyways my computer is running great at this time. By this testing it seems like something is holding it back..



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Not sure about the memory - Maybe run memtest to see if you are getting the expected results?


What I would say is that as you are running an SSD - do not defrag your hard drive!!


Also in my experience raiding SSDs doesn't enhance performance that's noticable to a normal user unless you compare benchmark tests of before and after.

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nigsy is right...don't defrag your SSD's! I'd say the memory is fine but you have each slot loaded with 8Gb and 64Gb total; unfortunately our Overdrive test although we've re-done it several times over, doesn't know how to handle that configuration well. Therefore the -61Mb shown in the results. If the rig is running great as you say, don't worry about it. ;) The only "Fixes" on your test I'd worry about fixing are the Internet Receive Buffer and the Internet HTTP 1.1 suggestion.

You may be able to improve the video score my maxing out the resolution and testing in 16 bit mode.


Hope this eases your mind some.






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Well it was a sad day last week. My system died. The mother board. I loved the intel 3960x I was running, It still matched up well with newer CPU's. So I had no choice but to change. I think the biggest different my be going from ddr3 to ddr4 memory. But now I have the latest I7. I still think it was a close match to 3-4 year old CPU to the new one. The old one had more cores.




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