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micro SD compatibility

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is there any kind of guideline or standard for what size and type of micro SD card can be used in a particular phone?


I know that my phone has 4GB built in storage, that of course will be no problem to use up quickly.


The phone is LG Optimus Exceed 2, got it at Best Buy, they do have an error in the specs though. It shows the phone is 4G LTE (shown in specifications), but it is actually 3G (shown in overview). They show it's a 1.2GHz dual core CPU, but the model MSM8610 comes up as a quad core.


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While I was at the store, forgot what capacity SD card is good in my phone. So ended up getting a 16 GB (stupid since I could have got the 32 GB one for only a couple more bucks)...


Well, got a PNY Prime Performance 16 GB microSD HC 1 and popped it in. So far seems to be all good.

I go into settings and storage, it still shows only 4 GB total space... but then scroll down and it shows SD Card total space of 15.05 GB. I have CCleaner app installed and it shows Storage 1.52 GB / 16.94 GB


We (girl friend and I) were out taking pictures and videos a few nights ago (ghost hunting at a local haunted cemetery) and phone keeps telling me "low storage can't update and some apps may not work". Do I need to change some setting for pictures and videos to go to SD card instead of the phones internal storage? Can apps be installed to SD card as well?

I feel like this should be a simple one that I should already know, but I'm still stumped.

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Thanks very much!


I was kind of hoping that I'd be able to put apps on the SD card since those take up more space. Most times I just transfer pics and videos to laptop and keep them there anyways.


Oh well, I'll figure it out soon.

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I don't believe you can store apps on the SD card unless your phone has been rooted.


depends what version of android it's running on how easy/hard it is to move apps to the sd card.


this guide should help. :- http://www.howtogeek.com/114667/how-to-install-android-apps-to-the-sd-card-by-default-move-almost-any-app-to-the-sd-card/


first thing i'd think i'd do is check with your operator, verizon etc. to see if they offer the latest os updates and update the os on the phone to the latest they do provide.


You could always get a windows phone. Then there is no problem putting apps on the sd card.

that's like taking 2 steps forward and 3 back. :P


in all seriousness though putting apps on the sd card shouldn't be that hard depending on the factors mentioned. ie. os version.




did a quick check and looks like lollipop is the latest os version offered for that phone by verizon :- https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/lg-optimus-exceed-2-update/


some links that may show you how to move apps to the sd card without rooting the phone.

personally i'd never recommend rooting a phone the security risks are to great for the rewards in my opinion, but then again lots of others think the opposite to me and to them the rewards are well worth the risks of rooting.





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I started playing around with it a bit and found at least some apps can be moved to SD card by going through Settings - Applications and choosing an app. There is a button that says "Move to SD card". Some apps it allows and others the button is greyed out. I'm guessing that stock installed apps are not allowed to be moved, probably due to OS requirements.

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