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GTX Titan up and running

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Great did you set your slot like the picture I sent you?


No, just now looked at the picture...but I'll fix it....



edit: just made the changes, btw, it was showing 350xxx+ PPD. What are you using to monitor the card (temps, O/C, speed, etc...)??






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If you look at your log file and find errors on the core 21 work units back you GPU down to stock speed.
Problems with some of the core 21 throwing errors when the GPU is OC which gives you lower ppd.
Slide the power target all the way to the right.
GPU temp target all the way to the right.
GPU clock offset at +0 MHz.
Memory clock offset +0 MHz
Overvoltage all the way to the top.
Run it like that it will not hurt the Titan.

If you want try the GPU clock offset at +50 MHz but keep an eye on the log file if it starts getting errors just drop it back to + 0 and leave the other settings as above listed.

The GPU worked very well with those settings in my PC.
As you are on water nothing will be hurt as long as your ambient temp is below 80 F.
That card put out very good points with those settings.

Fold on my Brother as I learn more will keep you up to date.

My slot is set up like this and gets more ppd.




Do this on each GPU you have folding .


client-type beta is not playing nice with core 21 work units right now use advanced.


You will still get errors on some of the core 21 Work units but not near as many.

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If anyone is interested I am folding in the Time Zone Challenge as Gunsvnvmc.



Go to the individual stats I am in 2nd place currently.


Want some very good parts on the cheap join the EVGA forum after you get 50 post you can get into the market place.

Have made several purchases from the forum members and every purchase has went very well, not a bad purchase yet.

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Brother check you log file, if you have errors or failed work units roll your drivers back to the 353.62 ones I had to in order to stop that from happening.

A lot of us were getting that problem with some of the core 21 work units.

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