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Mouse Issues (And not the rodent type!)


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Running 64bit openSUSE 13.2


Been having a problem with upresponsive, slow tracking and 'wobling' mouse cursor for some time. At first put it down to batteries, changed that; no difference. Different USB port; still plays up. Switched from the MS mouse to a new Logitech M185 and still the same issue. Went 'old school' and plugged in an old Belkin wired, rollerball style mouse - Same issue (this rules out blue tooth connectivity issues).


Plugged the new mouse into my work laptop; Windows 10 and it works fine.


Really not sure where to start troubleshooting to fix this as the PC is becoming frustratingly unusable.




Plugged the dongle into the front USB and all works fine.

Guess the rear USB ports are overloaded.

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