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Thanks to the great help from terry and nigsy, I've had folding running now for 6 days in openSUSE. Already submitted 8 WUs (I believe all of which are Alzheimers research) for 5,600 points! Not bad for it folding on only CPU and now noticing the client shows to be running at 'light power' B)

Looks like smaller work (250,000 steps), but getting done in about 12 hours [versus about 24 hours for same work to complete when it ran in Window 8.1]


By the way, looks like congrats are in order for DianaLyon reaching 60 Million points!!

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Thanks Pitsters! Still trying to figure out how to get maximized. Any tips? I have an I7 2600K and a AMD 7850 vid card for now. Curious what the big-time folders, muttonhunter, guns, dickster, CB, and other are using for a client.


Anybody using openMM?


Maybe start a thread with folding machine specs? Update the pinned thread?


P.S. Get with it, terry :)

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