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Vid card recommendations

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Thanks, dickster, that looks like a pretty good deal. I have one computer, an AMD10 w/ an integrated R7--will that fold anything worthwhile?


Best card for the $100 to $200 range? The nVidia equivalent would be what?


I also have a couple of older AMD 7550; will they fold?

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Not sure if it's any help, or if the same would apply to your A10, but I have an A4 with integrated Radeon HD 8370D. Folding client seen it as an available GPU, but would not fold on it. I'm also not really sure how exactly the A series APUs work. Been told the integrated graphics is just a diode/transistor on the CPU chip/die that adds basic graphics capability and it's not really a "graphics card". I'm guessing that means similar to older mobos with onboard graphics where it would use the northbridge chip as both graphics and memory controller.

The A10 does have specs that say it has x compute cores, so maybe it would. Suppose you could try and see if it will or not.


Just make sure to keep an eye on temperatures, not sure if I had false readouts (each different utility I used gave different readouts, don't think any of them like the Fintek chip on my MSi mobo) but it kept showing my CPU temp getting as high as 83*C and the graphics temp at 15*C. Of course, that is considering I have only the stock supplied cooler on mine. But it's only a dual core and 65W (old 115W P4 never got above 72*C if that is an OK comparison).


For AMD looks like anything 5xxx series and up, not sure AMD cards are working well in Linux right now though. Should be fine in Windows.


Thanks to c_b for showing me these on my thread for GT 640.



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