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How do I stop PC Matic from blocking a legit file

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To add a program to SuperShield's local whitelist you can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display, select Protection Level, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced).


Open the program in question again, and when the SuperShield blocking screen appears, add the programs to your white list by clicking on the red Always Allow button, provided that you know for sure that these are legitimate programs, or add them to the "Always Block" list by clicking on the green Always Block button to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable.


For PC Matic's scan, you can white list individual items from the end of a new scan by clicking on the red rectangle under the headings for Other-Drivers Test or Services Test; Performance - Startup Applications Test; or Security - High Level Threats.





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