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Non branded graphic cards?

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Oh Newegg, not you too!! :facepalm:


Been seeing this same exact GPU all over eBay lately ($30 on eBay). I'm assuming it's a scam or counterfeit product since there's hundreds of different US based sellers trying to push these cards.



Anyone have any thoughts (or rants) about this?

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It appears to just be an Nvidia card...I'd be more worried about some of these:


ASUS(170) ATI(1) DELL(11) Diamond Multimedia(6) ETopSell(2) EVGA(168) Force3D(6) GENERIC(140)

GIGABYTE(102) GoodyELife(35) Hewlett-Packard(32) Hightech Information System Ltd.(12) Inno3D(83) Jaton Corporation(53) Laintek(139) Leadtek(1)

Lenovo(6) M&A Global Cartridges LLC(1) MSI(73) NVIDIA(117) PNY Technologies, Inc.(92) PowerColor(48) Sapphire Tech(88)

ShopBest(81) Tonstep(21) VisionTek(163) Wintek Technology Int'l Limited(46) XFX(60) ZOTAC(101) Zotac Canada(


Those like GoodyELife, TopSell, and others...of course whoever the card you linked to belongs to, they don't know how to post pics of it...that one is upsidedown and backards...!






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