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Before I purchace PCMatic I want to ask a question or two.

1)If the regestry test finds several things to fix, do I get to say yes or no to each item?

2)Same question regarding the programs in the startup test.

3)Does PCMatic force me to delete things like browser history, cookies, and stored passwords... or is it my choice to keep them?


The FAQ says: Can I undo the changes it makes?

The hard disk clean-up permanently removes unnecessary files and cannot be undone. Do I get the option of not removing some files?



Thanks, Ron

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1) There is no option to select or deselect individual items to be fixed, but depending on what the registry item is some can be excluded as a group, for instance all registry tweaks related to the Internet Speed.


2) Yes, start up items can be whitelisted individually at the end of a scan, before the clean up.


3) PC Matic does not clean browser history, cookies, stored passwords, or favorites. The files removed by PC Matic are in three categories:

  1. Recycle Bin. Files are not actually removed from the drive when you delete them with Explorer. Instead, the files are moved to the Recycle Bin where you can retrieve them if you later decide that you should not have deleted them. PC Matic empties your Recycle Bin to reclaim this disk space.
  2. Internet Cache. Internet Explorer creates temporary files that are not needed after you finished surfing. These files can take up large amounts of space and should be removed periodically. Although you can clear the cache in Internet Explorer, PC Matic uses a more thorough method that deletes files left behind by IE.
  3. Temporary Files. Windows and applications create various temporary files that are not needed after the application exits or Windows is shut down. In many cases, however, the applications do not always clean up after themselves.

There is no option to pick and choose which junk files will be removed, but there is an option not to remove any of them.


Before running a scan and clean, you can click on Options>Scan Options and scroll through the list of all the configurable items. If you download and install PC Matic, then from the login screen click on "I don't have a PC Pitstop account", then create one and login to PC Matic, the scan will then do everything that the paid version will do, except the Fix All. You can see all of the options and selections. With a licensed version, at the end of a scan but before a clean up, drivers, services, start ups, and malware items can be individually whitelisted

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