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Just curious... when I update profile at the section where you can choose from drop down for a club/team (Linux Users, Folding, SETI, etc.) and above that is Location drop down. How come Finland is not a choice in the list? Though Norway and Sweden are...


Tux and Santa Clause would be quite disappointed by this! :mrwinky:

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Try it again Justin, I added Finland for you, champ. :tup:


:) Y

Woo hoo!! Thanks a bunch!!


What is Fin Land? Is it like Sea World?

Just joking, Justin. Though I wish it would have happened as a Flyer, it was great to see your countryman Kimmo Timonen get to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup. Class man all around.

What is Finland? Here's a comic that gets passed around and should explain!! :laughing:



Can't say much for hockey, not had a chance to watch a game in years. :mrsgreen:

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