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Best all around PC protection i have ever had, ever need help or assis

Gary Getman

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i previously had Norton 360--but was getting a rash of problems that the 360 did absolutely nothing to correct---their tech support dialect was very bad, foriegners, their English sucked, and could not understand what they were saying

Everything i have had to contact PC_MATIC about has been handled by Engkish speaking techs, achieving satisfactory results

I have been a PC-MATIC user for about 5-6 years---Evergreen covers me for lifetime

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I think it's horrible. I can't find out how to get tech support at all. I can't find a phone number to call so who cares if the are American. My computer picked up 11 viruses from trying to download a manual for a mini excavator. The viruses were found but I could not remove them. Now I can't get any help. The pc matic icon went away on my other computer. Now it says it's not installed on this computer. So I tried to reinstall it and the screen said download failed. If I log on to my account it says I am covered for almost another year. All I can say is I trusted pc matic and they let me down. My one computer is unusable and this one says it's not protected and I can't get any help at all

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piutesteve, on 15 Dec 2015 - 4:28 PM, said:

Wow I told them about my problem and they just refunded my last payment to them. They didn't help me fix anything just left me in a mess 11 viruses got past them. thanks a lot pc matic


That's not quite what happened. You did not ask for help. This is specifically what your ticket subject said "Refund Request: I have viruses". I'm not sure how anyone would have interpreted that as something other than a request for a refund. If you didn't want a refund why did you select that as the subject for your ticket? If you wanted help you should have said so. There is no mention of getting help anywhere in your ticket.


And your account is showing that the SuperShield real time antivirus was not installed on your computer. SuperShield can't stop viruses if it is not installed.



caintry_boy, on 15 Dec 2015 - 6:25 PM, said:

PCMatic will not remove the viruses, however PCMatic's Supershield will NOT let them execute so your PC should still be safe...

We don't have phone support, we have a help desk and you or anyone can open a ticket from here > http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp








Actually the PC Matic malware scan does detect and remove viruses.

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