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2.30 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, ​Board: BIOSTAR Group N61PB-M2S .....When doing PC Matic test when it gets to the graphics test the 3D parts is slow and looks to skip/pause but the other graphics look ok. I have noticed most all videos I watch on this machine studiers and sips a bit........does this mean the on board video is going out ? I have checked for updated drivers and they all up to date !

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Is that a name brand machine (HP, Gateway, eMachine), can't find any Biostar board with that model number. Could only find the following page and info seems limited.



If the above is correct then you can use a maximum of 4GB DDR2-800.

Do you know how much memory is installed? How about which speed memory?


You could try Speccy and it should give slightly more detailed info.



Usually you can tell if video is going bad by how it looks. Most commonly you would get "artifacts", which, is when your display starts looking very pixelated and shown in the wrong places. Also if video is going bad there usually would be lots of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and auto reboots.

If it looks good but just very slow, then it's most likely that you don't have enough memory available.


Here is an example of what artifacts would look like:


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