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Guns, just got your old MOBO and CPU online! :)

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Just wanted to thank you for the Core 2 Extreme and MOBO combination. I transferred RAM from Old Prometheus to the Core 2 Extreme; doubled the RAM, now on 8 GB RAM instead of the 4 GB you had there. (Kept the four 1 GB sticks as backup.)


Had to reinstall OS and apps... Still fine tuning new install of Win 7 Pro and apps. Just got F@H running on it.. It sees my GTX-750 TI SC and is Folding on it as I type this.


It automatically started Folding on CPU; but, after it finishes this WU, that will cease... I will Pause CPU tasks. (I'd rather not Fold/Crunch on CPU.)


Back to hardware, I installed a Coolermaster Hyper212 EVO cooler with one fan there; back case fan sits just about on top of the CoolerMaster's heat sink, so no second fan needed on the 212 unit. Second case fan is at the top of the case. Both case fans blow out of the case. CoolerMaster fan blows through the 212 heat sink and into the rear case fan.


Temps, (NOT Folding nor Crunching), are in the low 30's C.


All in all, a REALLY nice system!!! Oh, and now that my old MOBO is out of there, NO more conflicts with NVIDIA Drivers. I was FINALLY able to install the latest 353.30 Driver!!! :)


Thanks again, Guns!!! :)




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Your welcome TL if you don't want to fold on your CPU go into FHA control, configure, slots and click on cpu then at the bottom click on remove.

Do this after the work unit has completed so it will not go against you stats.You will never fold on the cpu again unless you have to reinstall folding.

Another thing that will help your folding points is go to slots double click the gpu and click add in the name box put client-type in the Value box put beta, then click ok.

Next on the same gpu click add again and in the name box put next-unit-percentage in the Value box put 100 and click ok.

Save the new settings.

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