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Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium

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Thought i'd ask here as i'm Unsure if i can Upgrade to Windows 10 , Current Os is as Above , 64 Bit , 4gb Team Dark Ram , a couple of weeks back i ran the Upgrade Tool to see if i could Run Windows 8.1 , and what i got was this Statement ,, You Can't Install Windows 8.1 because your Processor Doesn't Support Compare Exchange 128 , Whatever that Is . My Processor is Q9550 Intel Quad 2.83Ghz , Motherboard GA-EP35-DS3P Version : x.x Award Software International 02-27-2008 , so Not Uefi Bios . My thoughts are if that's Correct an Windows 8.1 Upgrade is Out , then so Would be Windows 10 Upgrade , what i Don't Understand is why Would i get the Option to Upgrade to Win 10 in the First Place on my Two Pc's , this one as Above , other one same Board ect only has E8400 Core 2 Duo Cpu . I Sure Don't want to go through all the Download only to find Windows 10 Won't Install/Run , Also i was Only going to Upgrade 1 of My Pc's an leave one with Win 7 , Any Help Appreciated . Regards Philip.. :facepalm: .. Ps Any More Info Required Let Me Know Ok

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If it turns out that your Win 7 H.P. system is in fact upgradeable to Win 10; make sure that when you install you choose "Custom" and NOT "Express". If you go "Express" it turns on ALL features; MOST of which are security hazards. Choose "Custom", and answer the questions it asks of you one at a time. MOST IF NOT ALL your answers should be "NO" to protect your privacy, stop ads, etc...


I am a member of [email protected] which runs under BOINC software. The guys in Number Crunching gave me the above tips. They've been discussing Win 10 for a few months; some of them have been Testers for Win 10. MANY things in Win 10 have been found to be positive; with exception to the installer turning on EVERYTHING that threatens your privacy and security. A couple of people had specific issues that made them "Rollback" the install to Win 7. Yes, this can be done! The "Rollback" feature will take at least two hours to complete, and will reboot the system MANY times; so, don't get frustrated if you decide to "Rollback" to 7 and it takes awhile.


I plan upgrading my family's systems in December. I believe by that point that there should be enough Windows Updates to patch the early holes that are being/will be found by the early adopters.




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go check you have the latest bios for your motherboard.



the latest is version F6 :- http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2742#bios

that may fix your update problem.



ok guys, after a hard fight, i managed it to get it work.


I am sure you are hot about the solution.


In my case the CPU is supporting all needed CPU functions!!!. But Microsofts store says it won´t.


With the CPUz tool you are also able to see the Motherboard Version and also the BIOS Version. Now I serached on the manufacturers Homepage (in my case Gigabyte) and found a newer BIOS for my Motherboard. In the history I saw also many writings about newer CPU models supported and so on, sounds like the key. My Version was from 2007 (F4) and I downloaded the newest Version from 2009 (F12) and installed it with the @BIOS-tool from Gigabyte. Restarted PC and Voilla now the Store offers me to upgrade to 8.1.


The thing is, MS is calling for some more functions of the CPU in Win8.1 as in Win8.0 in her setup checks. This results in many issues with People with older BIOS but newer CPU. Maybe this is not in every case the solution but in many i think.


dog-man, I advise you to double check your Motherboard Version and also Revision. Revision you will find on the Motherboard itself, ist printed on the Surface. and then go and search for the latest BIOS.


I write this lines on the upgraded System. it worked for me, so I wanted to share with all of you tired People around.


HAve a nice day and maybe a solution!!



also from my understanding people have been able to install windows 8.1 and windows 10 clean but they are just unable to install it by going the update route when they have received that error message, so if the bios update doesn't fix things that may be something to try anyway.


remember ALWAYS make a backup image of your hard drive before doing any upgrades etc.

just in case the upgrade or clean install fails for any reason, that way you can always use the image to get back to where you started from and have a working os installed.



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Hi Terry , I was looking into Bios Flash early July , this in Reply from Caintry-Boy ,

02 July 2015 - 07:52 PM

Tried with @bios , No luck with that either , when i put win 7 dvd in drive , i Don't get the Options that show on the QFlash page to Save @Bios in Programs . I wonder why my Board has QFlash/@Bios Options when they Can't be used , anyway , i'll move on as Pc's have no Problems , it was just for a Learning Curve that's all . Thanks Caintry . Philip..

I Downloaded an Saved the Bios you Posted link too ok , but once again i Don't/Can't get the Option to Update from Flash Drive , only Floppy A or B , an i don't run a FDrives on pc's , Q-Flash ver 2.05 showing in the Bios , maybe i'm Missing Something , any Idea Appreciated , Thanks. Regards Philip ...

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Hi Terry , I had looked at the link you posted Prior , but i don't get this Option there ,, If your BIOS is flash protected, please do not enable BIOS Flash Protection under Advanced CMOS Setup (AMI BIOS) or Advanced BIOS Features (AWARD BIOS) in BIOS menu.

Nothing Shows on the Bios under both them Options as Mentioned Above under Advanced Cmos or Advanced Award Bios , It just don't show , so if it is set to Enabled already by Default , which is what i'm thinking it is , i can't set it to Disable , i'm at a loss here ok . Regards Philip ..

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Good News Terry , Dang , gave up on the Q-Flash , Decided i'd Retry ABios , saved it from MBoard CD , Installed , Followed Prompts , Chose from USA Site , an Installed , Version you Linked to Installed , dated 18-6-2009 , so All Peachy . Decided i'm not going to Install Win 10 on Q9550 Pc , this one , though will now Update Bios on other E8400 Pc , Exact Same Motherboard Rev too , an Install/Try Win 10 on it Instead , Appreciate all the Help Both You an Caintry have Provided , Many Thanks . :clap: :clap: :banana3: Ps , Just did the E8400 too , run both pc's on UPS so felt safe doing ABios , All Good , Great Day Here ..

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