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Desktop detects new router/says can't detect wireless networks

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Hi. I just got a new router, a Netgear 7550. My laptop and tablets connect to it wirelessly with no problem. But my older desktop, a Compaq Presario, SR2180NX, running Windows Vista, which always connected to the really old router I was using with no problems, a 10 year old 2-wire gateway, RG2701HG-00, now wont connect to the new one. I click on the "Connect to Internet" icon in the lower right desktop corner and get a list of nearby networks to chose from, including my new router. I click on that and it asks for the security key. I type in the key, which I'm sure is correct, and it wont connect. I click the "Diagnose Problem" box and it says it can't find any nearby wireless networks to connect to.


Why would it say that when I can click on the "Connect to Internet" icon and get a list of my and my neighbors networks to connect to? Why do my laptop and tablets connect but not my desktop? I tried unplugging the phone and power lines from the router for a minute and plugging them back in but that didn't help. I also tried reinstalling the wireless adapter, using the CD that came with it, that the desktop uses, but that didn't help either. What's going on?


Thanks for any help.

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