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Pit Crew Folding Points


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WE currently have 7 members folding for the team eF Godlike is listed as posting points but has not turned in any points in over 4 months.

Anyone know how to get this corrected?

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Same scenario for today... :unsure:

I posted this over at EOC... > http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?p=4155024#post4155024


And for you non-members...


Hey guys, I fold for The Pitcrew at PCPitstop, team #32035 and my question is this...how does this member of our team show 63,00+ points on the day and not turn in any WU's??
I like the guy and when he Folds he's awesome on PPD, we just don't understand his stats...

BTW, yesterday he showed the same exact stats although it's not showing that he had any PPD/WU's for yesterday.







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