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BOINC Funding in trouble.

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"BOINC's funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation has ended,
at least for the time being.
This funding supported me, Rom Walton, and Charlie Fenton.
We're now working on other things,
although we'll stay involved in BOINC at some level.

The BOINC project will continue, and will be run according to
a community-based model rather than centrally.
In essence, the people who contribute to BOINC now make the decisions about it.
This model is summarized here:
and described in detail here:

There will probably be little visible change.
The BOINC software will continue to work.
The translation system, Alpha testing project, BOINC web site,
message boards, and email lists will continue to operate.
However, any new development and major bug fixes to BOINC
will need to be done by volunteer programmers.
I'm confident that the BOINC community will meet the challenge.

I welcome your feedback.
Please post it to boinc_admin@googlegroups.com,
a new email list for discussions about the BOINC project as a whole.

-- David (Anderson ???)"




This could adversely effect the BOINC Projects if BOINC funding completely dies. The BOINC, (paid), Developers have had to move on to new things. With no, (or little), new development, projects like SETI might be in trouble.


I hope they will get volunteer developers to pick up the slack; but, that is not guaranteed. :(


I'm glad, now, that F@H moved on from BOINC, and is completely separate. :)


Let's pray that something good happens for the BOINC Team, soon.




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A highly respected group of Setizens are discussing this, here:




Those NOT already participating in crunching for SETI will NOT be able to post there; but, you can read what everyone says that can post there. So far, the consensus is that this is NOT a good time for this to be happening. No quick answers are arising; understandable, as BOINC and SETI are going on 15 + years. If BOINC dies, many good projects may die with it. Malaria Control, Einstein@Home, to name but two besides SETI.


If BOINC dies, I'm confident that SETI would continue. Most likely taking on a model similar to F@H; running strictly out of UC Berkeley. However; I don't think that all of the BOINC projects could readily go independent of BOINC.




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