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Receive error trying to run PC Matic

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Hello, I keep tryin to run PC Matic to do my weekly scan and when i open it regardless as user or as administator I receive the error PC Pitstop Error, and no number, just directs me to these forums. I would really appreciate any assistance in getting this resolved. I run windows 7. Thanks in advance. I have also tried running in safe mode with network, and will not run

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I'm also having the same issue. Just started happening last night (Windows 7).

My weekly scheduled scan ran early this morning as scheduled (received email confirmation) but unable to open PC Matic to view results.



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PC Pitstop Error "We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested..."


I was just launching the program for a quick scan. This error appeared on 2 computers.


I've only been a customer for 2 days. Is this common?



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Finally started working tonight. Before program started working my computer got very slow. While running PC Matic I got a window that said I should stop running the script as something was causing the computer to operate slowly and if I continued it might cause the computer to completely stop running. I disregarded the warning and kept the program running. Finally the program found and corrected the problem. My point is why would PC Matic have in its program a warning that if heeded would not correct the problem when the whole point of running the program is to fix what is wrong with the computer.

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The slow script warning is coming from Windows, not PC Matic.

Windows is tracking how long the script takes to run, and when the server is having issues it takes too long, so Windows pops the message. Running PC Matic is not what fixed the problem. The problem was fixed on the remote server.

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