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Error after "Fixes" are applied upon completion of running PC

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After completing a PC Matic scan, and then selecting to "Fix All", I usually get a results screen at the end.


This time, instead of getting a results screen, I received an error screen, and it directed me to these forums for help. I then had to kill PC Matic, as I couldn't get the error screen to go away. Upon trying to go back in to PC Matic, I received the same thing.


Please see the attached file that shows the last "loading" screen I saw, and the other file, which shows the error screen that I received.



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I am needing help on how to free up space on my other computer. I have (2) memory check, (1) free memory and (2) free space that I am advised to fix but I have no clue where to even start. I don't know much about computers but I would like to know how to free up this space because I do need to get some other Microsoft (like 7) since I have XP now. Would appreciate any help that someone can give me. Thanks in advance.


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