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Has PC Matic been HIJACKED?

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Just now I called a number my wife gave me for PCMatic to ask a question.


The phone was answered and a dude with an Indian accent and I began to ask my question. He asked a few question and then said that he would have to access my computer to tell me what was wrong. I became suspicious and asked him who he worked for. He gave me some company name which I couldn't u nderstand. He said they did technical support for many companies, one of which was PC Matic. He directed me to a site, www.1mb.com, which was iYogi. I know that happens, but wasn't satisfied with the answer and terminated the call before entering the code that would allow him into my system.


I'm assuming that was a ploy to hack me, but I can't remember the number I dialed and my wife doesn't remember it either. She had gotten it from a Google search for PC Matic. Later, I found that they don't even have phone based support, but if you do a search for it, BE CAREFUL or you'll end up at the same place I did.


I'm always getting calls from Indians wanting to help me fix my computer. Sometimes I string them along as along as I can just for fun ;).




Jim in the Desert of NM

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Crooks like iYogi buy advertisements and spend ripped off American money to get their Ad placements. They put little disclaimers on their webpage to by-pass American Law and then try to scam honest people like you.


They do this for most of the successful Anti-virus Programs out there, PC Matic, Norton's, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc...


A telltell sign when running a search like you did is to pay attention to the "AD" moniker on the link.


Here's their fake Norton's support advertisement ( I circled the AD moniker mentioned previously):




I've heard stories where they ripped people off for anywhere between $150 - $475 dollar charges and they install things like the free ccleaner and Malwarebytes (free) and run a couple of scans. That's it.

Most of the time, they are snooping around the computer and they go into the Windows Event Viewers to show normal errors that get listed there and then use it to scare the snot out of the unsuspecting person on the other end.


It's a sin that they are able to get away with this type of scam and of course for those who get sucked in and actually allow these slimy crooks to take remote access of their computers, anything is now possible.


Here's a sampling of their stellar reputation at Rip-Off Reports:




Be careful out there, this dirt-bag company from India is out to rip-off anyone that they can get suckered into their lies and deceitful practices.


:) Y




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