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Internet is slow after installing new Modem

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I recently bought a new Modem because my old one was acting screwy (took up to 3 tries to connect at start-up, would reboot at random times), I don't think it's the new Modem itself because my ISP sent out a tech and he switched out my Modem for the same make and model (He also changed out the fittings in the box outside the house) but still the Internet is slow and erratic, But there is something kinda strange that happened when i first hooked up the Modem and Windows attemped to install it, It chose a new Network all on it's own (Network 7) as opposed to using the Network i always used (Network 4), The funny thing is Network 7 doesn't have an Internet connection and when i diagnosed the problem it reverts back to Network 4, Now i don't understand why i need a Network at all considering i don't have a Router or Wi-Fi as i only have one Computer, The ISP wire comes straight from the wall into the Modem and into my system via an Ethernet cable, Occasionally the modem goes back to Network 7 and i have to diagnose again, Is there some way to get rid of this mysterious Network 7, My DL speed is supposed to be 50Mbps but sometimes it drops down to 15, Sometimes to 35, Sometimes as high as 60, Webpages that used to take maybe 3 seconds to load now take 10-15 seconds yet some load instantly, I tried uninstalling the adapter, Flushing the DNS, I scanned the system using MS Security Essentials and Malewarebytes and there were no threats, The only thing i did besides installing a new Modem was to update Windows on May 29th, I booted up in Safe Mode with Networking and it was still slow, I'm running Windows 7 (64 bit), the Modem is a Cisco DPC3010, The adapter is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.

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