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Why can't definition updates be scheduled?


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I've been a PCmatic user for a couple of years now and the one thing that really makes me mad is that the definition updates appear without warning and cause my computer to run slower than molasses in Winter. With past virus programs I was always able to decide when the updates were scheduled (usually while I was asleep) and this would not slow my computer down. Now I have to literally stop pcmatic from running altogether, in order to use my computer. Maybe the brains behind PCmatic can come up with a solution before I am forced to stop using PC matic altogether.

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Update scheduling options are on the to do list for new features and are being tested now. Once they are tested to be working correctly they will then need to be added to the user interface, then once that is tested that feature can be deployed.


Please open a ticket at our help desk because most likely what is happening is the that incremental updates are not working. From the description it sounds like SuperShield is downloading a full set of definitions every time and not doing incremental updates. If you open a ticket the technicians can provide you a test version of SuperShield to verify and/or fix the incremental feature.


You can open a ticket from here:




Moving to paid products forum.

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