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No idea what to do

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So I think I'm just going to sell off what I have so far on my Phenom build since it seems that I'll never have a full working machine of that. Mobo has no onboard GPU, and people are too greedy asking $150+ for USED graphics cards (if I had that kind of money I'd go buy a brand new one for the same cost). Also I refuse to buy anything new any longer since my drug addict brother has to be living here too and he keeps stealing from me to support his drug/alcohol habits. I know I had a PhenomII X6 CPU around here somewhere and now it's gone... as are my 2x2GB DDR2-1066 Corsair Dominator RAM. Can't find any other good deals on DDR2-1066 so probably pointless to even bother with something so old anyways, and 6 core Phenom CPUs are too expensive (again people who want $150+ for something USED).


To make things even more complicated, this brand new APU system is acting up (been running for only 3 months)...

The CPU clock is 3.7GHz with turbo to 3.9GHz, but it will no longer turbo to any higher than 3.8 and anytime I need to reboot it takes 20+ minutes for a reboot.

My wireless internet connection is also worthless... no idea if problem with USB adapter, router or what. I jumps up and down every couple of seconds with highest of 5.8Mbps and lowest of 1.2Kbps and often drops off to 0bps for minutes at a time.


Tried switching over to Linux Mint (I'm starting to really hate Windows 8.1) and having all kinds of trouble trying to get it going.. I'm assuming because the system firmware is UEFI, not a standard BIOS (don't know why they have to change things like that when the original way works just fine... aside from it being a way to aggravate people or force us to learn something that is over complicated but should be simple)...


I don't know what to do to keep everything working exactly as it should, or why things always seem to slow down on me after having it for just a couple of months.

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Highly unlikely..


Now maybe if I could live in a place like this:



But unfortunately (not of my choice since I was born here) I live in America. A place that claims to be the best at everything but forces citizens to live in poverty and force everyone to believe in a make believe deity because "America is a Christian nation"... NO IT'S NOT!!! The constitution even says separation of church and state. And by the way, Christianity first came into existence in the Middle East... you know that place that America keeps bombing.

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Don't know why they refuse to do anything about him.. aside from they're scared of him. Been enough times in the past where he's threatened to either burn down the house or blow it up. He likes to run around saying he's got "street smarts" even though we live in the suburbs, not the ghetto. I agree on the "tough love" bit. He dropped out of high school because as he claims, he was stuck going to a crappy school full of trouble makers. He got to go the #1 ranked high school in this area.

Meanwhile, I went to high school in a neighborhood full of kids who were turning to street gangs and yet I still managed to keep attending and actually graduate.


If I take matters into my hands and actually do anything about him, then I'll be thrown out of the house and that means then I'll be homeless.

To top that off I'm out at least $75 worth for what I spent on that CPU and RAM (20 for the RAM and 55 for a PhenomII X6 1090T)... probably other stuff gone too that I have yet to determine.


To get another one would be about $130 and that's from China. Even looked for 1100T and 1045T and those are about same price.



It's real funny how "god" gets to have 200,000 or so churches all for free and not have to pay a cent in taxes. But I desperately need somewhere else to live and can't afford anything on minimum wage, yet I'm the "freeloader".


Far as I see it at this point, I'm done with everything. I'm going to move way off to the middle of nowhere, far up in the Arctic Circle. Just going to sit there and watch humanity blow ourselves out of existence. What a lovely day it will be to watch all the nukes going off in the distance with a nice back light of Aurora Borealis.

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Got the APU rig fixed, but have absolutely no clue at all as to how in the world the problem happened or was even possible. I ended up having to leave it with Geek Squad for nearly a month to have it repaired under warranty/accidental damage protection plan. Best Buy is the absolute worst place to buy PCs or PC components from, and their Geek Squad is nothing more than an insult to real geeks! Had to also have wifi adapter replaced due to it got fried out from this problem. Best Buy screwed that up as well and had to do the exchange twice before the order actually went through and got delivered.


This is said machine:



It got to a point where the CPU speed had dropped down to 2.8GHz (stock is 3.7GHz and turbo to 3.9), no changes made to anything in BIOS/UEFI, no problems with voltages or anything to do with the power supply. After the whole nearly 1 month, technician finally found some sort of oil all over the rear case fan. It looked as though something inside the tower was leaking oil and the fan was blowing it out of the case. Can't figure out where this 'oil' could have come from though. Any ideas? Do they use something similar to ferrofluid in the bearings of case fans and CPU cooler fans?

Well the oil stuff must have also splashed on the motherboard by the VRM circuit next to the rear I/O panel. That caused a short circuit of the USB ports and part of the VRM. They had to replace the motherboard and I guess the rear case fan as well.


Everything is now working good as new. No clue as to whether that concludes the warranty or not, but either way I may end up voiding it off myself by changing out some of the hardware. I wouldn't mind changing up the A4 to either an A6 or A8 (going to A10 seems pointless due to lack of USB 3 and use of SATA 3.0 ports instead of SATA 6.0) and figure a memory upgrade would be best bet (they can have their crap Crucial memory). I'm looking into probably G.Skill or Corsair probably 2x 4GB or 2x 8GB DDR3-1866 (would have to overclock in order to run 2000+)

Speaking of which, there is DDR3-1600 in this machine but shows to be running at 800MHz.. how is that right? DDR2-800 runs at 800MHz, so this should be running much higher. Can always count on Intel to to give false impressions of things! (DDR is an Intel creation)

I'd also like to ditch the stock AMD CPU cooler and go for something more like a Hyper 212 Evo. Not sure I trust the cheap junk 350 watt PSU they used, so looking at a better quality (most likely Corsair) 500 watt PSU


As for the Phenom build that never gets finished... think I may just put the mobo up for sale (maybe eBay) as a combo with the old Phenom X4 9550 and 2x 1GB Mushkin DDR2-800. What ever it sells for would go towards funding up something much better. Depends on how soon until I can go back to work, in which case then I would consider just donating these pieces of hardware.


Lastly, my brother may be looking at jail time after all. He skipped court and refused to submit drug test for his DUI case. State trooper had found him stopped at a green light, passed out behind the wheel with the engine running and his foot on the brake. Supposedly, there is dash cam footage of him swearing at the officer and taking swings too (we haven't seen it, but there's claims they have it). He had apparently been taking (lots) of Xanax and washing them down with whiskey! No clue how that didn't kill him.

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So my DDR2-800 runs at 800MHz on ASRock A770DE+ motherboard with that Phenom X4 9550. On this machine DDR3-1600 runs at 800MHz (according to Speccy)..

That means that DDR2-800 and DDR3-1600 run the same speed? If so, what kind of sense does that make? DDR3 should be faster than DDR2

Or do you mean that I need 2 sticks of DDR3 in order for it to go 1600?

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It is actually 800Mhz. DDR memory transfers data on both the rising edge and the falling edge of the bus clock. There are three equally correct ways to market memory:


The bus clock frequency which in your case is 800Mhz


The module standard which in your case is DDR3-1600, or 1600 megabits per second per IO pin. This can also be expressed as 1600 megatransfers per second, or MT/s.


The bus bandwidth which in your case is PC3-12800 or 12,800 megabytes per second per DRAM bus (channel).


Many marketing departments like to make stuff up like "1600Mhz effective" which is just nonsense that drives us engineers crazy.



so your ram is running at 800Mhz bus clock speed but the data rate is 1600 MT/s and why the ram is called ddr3-1600.



ddr3 is faster than ddr2 and your ddr2-800 memory was running at a bus clock speed of 400Mhz and not the 800Mhz your dddr3 ram is running at now.



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Thanks Terry, that is just what I needed to know!!


Any way... I was debating on upgrading the RAM either way. Right now there is only a single 4GB stick of Crucial in there. Figure it would be a good deal to double it up to 2x4GB at the least. Mobo supposedly supports up to 32GB but there's only 2 slots and I don't know of anywhere to get 16GB sticks of DDR3 so at best I can do up to 2x8GB.

I'm told that the A4-6300 allows up to DDR3-1600 (faster memory would only run at 1600), even though the board allows up to 1866 or 2133 (via overclock). If I up the APU to an A6 or A8 it would allow for DDR3-1866


Would I also need to upgrade the PSU as well then? This machine came with a 350 watt low cost PSU (labeled as Power Man but search of model turns up In Win)



Don't know what all Geek Squad did when they repaired the machine, but good thing I had made a back up of things to flash drive before dropping it off with them. Got it back with some programs missing. Too bad they didn't get rid of the leftover junk that got left behind when I uninstalled Speedfan. It never gave accurate read outs of temps or volts and now it still shows up in the program list when I go to start menu and down to installed programs. So I'll have to reinstall folding and set it up to run from a fresh install.


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